Positive Impact Business

At Peas Industries we are committed to building meaningful, resilient and profitable companies that integrate people’s needs with the integrity of the planet. Our ultimate goal is to create a regenerative society for all future generations.

We are continuously looking for brilliant people, ideas, technologies and companies to contribute to our purpose.


OX2 - The global energy challenge


With fossil fuels representing 60% of all greenhouse gas emissions, we are cutting them out of the equation. OX2 is one of Europe’s leading developers within large-scale onshore wind power.

The global energy challenge

Biond - The global waste challenge


2 billion tons of food wasted a year is an inefficient use of energy and nutrients, calling for a circular and regenerative use of materials. Biond is a leading producer of biogas and biofertilizers turning biological waste into valuable assets for industry, transportation and farming.

The global waste challenge

Enstar - The local energy challenge

Distributing the power

Energy demand is expected to increase by 25% by 2040 while geopolitical shifts, natural disasters and cyberterrorism remind us of the vulnerability of centralized power systems. Enstar offers property owners development, implementation and management of distributed renewable energy systems.

The local energy challenge

What we believe in

The Peas Manifesto

We founded Peas Industries out of a belief that commercial companies can be a major contributor in creating a stronger planet. The social, economic and environmental challenges of today are leading to fundamental changes of society as we know it. This will affect most incumbent business models substantially. By understanding the forces at play combined with commercial thinking and entrepreneurial skills, Peas Industries aims to take a key role in this transformation.

For us, this is about building meaningful and profitable companies that integrate people’s needs with the integrity of the planet. Our goal is to create positive development through commercial savviness combined with a humanistic and respectful mindset.

We are looking for challenging cases. They tend to be the ones that achieve the greatest impact on society and long-term commercial success. Peas Industries is active today within some of the most disruptive industries from a positive impact perspective: a renewable energy sector, circular waste management and sustainable food production.

Our head office is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Total sales revenues in 2021 amounted to SEK 5,259 million.


Segulah becomes a significant owner in Enstar in partnership with Peas Industries AB and senior executives in the company.

June 22nd, 2023. Segulah partners with Enstar AB to support its ambition to build a leading platform within energy optimization. Enstar develops, builds, refines, and services real estate energy systems with a focus on renewable energy, low operating costs and high return on investment. The company was founded in Stockholm in 2004, has 35 employees and revenues of SEK 170m (2022). Over the past 5 years, Enstar has had an average yearly revenue growth of +18%.

“We are very pleased to welcome Segulah as a partner. We are convinced that Segulah’s experience of companies focusing on technical installations as well as of building successful groups through acquisitions will strengthen Enstar and help us achieve our vision of a 100% sustainable and renewable energy sector”, says John von Wowern, CEO Enstar AB.

”One of the biggest challenges in the energy transition is building platforms and teams that can scale up and deliver systems and services to accelerate the transition. With Peas and Segulah as majority owners Enstar is well positioned to take a leading position in the market”, says Johan Ihrfelt, CEO and Co-founder Peas Industries AB.

”Enstar has a strong position within an attractive and fast-growing market driven by the need to convert to sustainable energy systems. The investment fits very well into our strategy of investing in companies that are active in markets with long-term structural growth. We look forward to accelerating the future growth journey together with Peas, management, and employees, both through organic growth and acquisitions”, says Oskar Oxenstierna, Partner, at Segulah VI Advisor AB.


Peas Industries has sold 5% of the shares in OX2 AB

Peas Industries AB (through the wholly-owned subsidiary Peas Industries Invest AB) has sold approximately 5% of the shares in OX2 AB by way of a placing of shares to Swedish and international institutional investors (the “Placement”).The Placement was initiated by Peas Industries for the purpose of broadening the shareholder base of the Company, and to enhance the trading liquidity in the OX2 shares, for the benefit of all shareholders. In addition, by reducing Peas Industries’ ownership stake in OX2 below 50%, the Company will no longer be classified as a subsidiary, which underscores OX2’s standing as a leading stand-alone, listed developer of European renewable energy assets. Peas Industries continues to see great opportunities for OX2 and the movement towards a more sustainable future. Peas Industries remains firmly committed to OX2 in its capacity as the main long-term shareholder. Read more 


OX2 listed on the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market

June 23rd, 2021. The Peas Industries company OX2 was listed as a public company on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market on June 23rd, 2021. OX2 has taken a leading position in large-scale onshore wind power over the past 17 years and has developed and sold approximately 2.5 GW in Sweden, Finland, Poland and Norway. The listing is expected to strengthen the awareness of the OX2’s operations and enhance the interest in its services among investors and business partners as well as provide OX2 with access to the Swedish and international capital markets. As founder and principal owner, Peas Industries intends to continue to be significant and committed shareholder in OX2 following the listing, and will thus continue to contribute to OX2’s future development. Read more.


Johan Ihrfelt wins Founder of the Year Award

September 25th, 2020. Johan Ihrfelt, Peas Industries’ CEO and the co-founder of OX2, has won one of the most prestigious entrepreneurship awards in Sweden – the Founder of the Year 2020. The award highlights Johan Ihrfelt’s commitment to building high-growth companies, while also transforming our world through technology and innovation. Read more.


Altor acquires a minority stake in renewables developer OX2

June 29th, 2020. Altor Fund V has signed an agreement to acquire a 30% stake in OX2 and to enter a partnership with Peas Industries to support on the continued growth journey of OX2 and to continue leading the shift to renewable energy in Europe. The founders through Peas Industries will remain as majority shareholders and continue to stay active in the development of OX2. Read more.