Johan Ihrfelt wins Founder of the Year Award

Prestigious entrepreneurship award

Johan Ihrfelt, Peas Industries’ CEO and the co-founder of OX2, has won one of the most prestigious entrepreneurship awards in Sweden – Founder of the Year 2020. The award highlights Johan Ihrfelt’s commitment to building high-growth companies, while also transforming our world through technology and innovation.

Johan Ihrfelt, CEO of Peas Industries and founder of OX2, is presented with the Founder of the Year Award. Photo: Evan Pantiel

Founder of OX2 – a leading renewables developer

Part of the Peas Industries portfolio, OX2 was founded in 2004 by Johan Ihrfelt and Thomas von Otter with the vision to make the energy sector sustainable in the long run. That translated to financially profitable, large-scale energy solutions for onshore wind power made possible by cutting-edge technology and a comprehensive knowledge of sourcing investments in renewable energy assets. Today, OX2 is one of the leading renewables developers, having generated more than 2.6 GW of wind power since the beginning. The sales revenue 2019 was EUR 463 million.

Leading change through a deep sense of purpose

The award recognizes Johan Ihrfelt’s ability to challenge a traditional industry and lead change through entrepreneurship and a deep sense of purpose. The jury chose Johan from a short-list of leading Swedish businesspeople with the following motivation:

”The founder has the soul and the vision of a very large entrepreneur who has built a solid company with high profitability in a complex industry. With humility and long-term perspective, the entrepreneur’s main driving force is to create meaningful and profitable companies that have a positive impact on our society.”

Helena Casserlöv-Kvist, founder of Meritmind and Johan Ihrfelt, founder of OX2, were awarded Gold at the Founder of the Year 2020. Nicklas Persson, Robert Schön, Nicklas Henriksson and Rickard Hagman, founders of AddPro were awarded Silver. Photo: Evan Pantiel

About the award

The Founder of the Year award aims to promote and inspire successful entrepreneurship by highlighting entrepreneurial role models. It is organized by the Founders Alliance, a collaboration forum for Sweden’s leading entrepreneurs. The jury of 2020 was represented by Shori Zand, founder of Avesina Group – Anders Wall, founder of Beijer Alma & Anders Wall Stiftelse, Sven Hagströmer, founder of Creades – Ola Serneke, founder of Serneke Group and Martin Gren, founder of Axis. Find out more here.