The global energy challenge

Energy driving our progress

Energy makes the world go around – everything from our industries, our buildings and transportation to food production. It enables human progress. With growing populations and 1/5th of global poplation still without access to electricity, demand for energy is rapidly increasing. In addition, our heavy fossil fuel dependence in electricity production is a major contributor to climate change, representing 60% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Combined, this makes energy one of the major challenges of our time.


of all greenhouse gas
emissions are from fossil fuel.

Scaling renewables

Fortunately, things are moving in the right direction. All over the world, the growth of sustainable energy is outstripping that of fossil fuels. By around 2050, wind and solar energy would be the predominant sources of electrical power and cover a majority of the global energy demand.

This dramatic shift is being driven by the price of both wind and solar out-performing that of coal and natural gas, thanks to falling capital costs, improved efficiency and the spread of competitive auctions around the world. Looking from a carbon perspective, we’re able to produce almost 100 times the energy from wind –as from coal with the same carbon footprint.

Wind and Solar vs Coal and Natural Gas

LCOE ($/Mwh, 2018)

OX2 – Europe’s leading developer of large-scale onshore wind power

Over the past 17 years, OX2 has realized more than 2.5 GW of wind power from large-scale onshore wind power in the Nordic region. The company develops, builds and manages large scale wind power and holds a substantial project portfolio, one that establishes OX2 as one of Europe’s leading performers within renewable energy production.

By constantly increasing access to renewable energy, OX2 is promoting the transition towards a more sustainable future. The company has operations in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, Lithuania and France.


  • More than SEK 26 billion has been invested in wind farms developed and constructed by OX2
  • 817 MW wind power under construction in Q4 2020
  • Management contracts of 516 turbines with an estimated annual production of almost 6.3 TWh. That’s enough to power the cities of Copenhagen, Helsinki and Stockholm combined.
  • In June 2021, OX2 was listed as a public company on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market.