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Europe’s leading developer of large-scale wind power

Peas Industries founded OX2 in 2004 with the belief that commercial companies can drive the global transition to a completely renewable energy system. OX2 is now Europe’s leading developer of large-scale onshore wind power, and the company’s project portfolio is constantly growing on a number of markets.


OX2 develops, builds and manages renewable power generation. The company has accepted one of the greatest challenges of our time. By increasing access to renewable energy, OX2 is constantly driving development towards a sustainable future. According to trade organisation WindEurope, OX2 is the company that has built the most onshore wind turbines in Europe since 2015.

OX2 is investing more in the future than ever before. The company is building a presence on several markets, and is also expanding into new technologies. OX2 is a European leader in the field of onshore wind power and is developing projects for offshore wind power and solar power. The company is also assessing green hydrogen initiatives, a field predicted to replace fossil fuels in transport and industry.

The company is able to grow its project pipeline – in both the short and the long term – testing new technologies and its presence on more and more markets due to both proprietary and acquired energy projects.

Construction of the Orrberget wind farm (33 MW) in Sweden Photo: Joakim Lagercrantz

• In two years, OX2 has gone from being a newcomer on the Polish market to being one of the country’s top three renewable energy companies in 2020. The successful establishment in Poland has given the company valuable experience ahead of the next phase of expansion.

• In 2020, OX2 has sold 330 MW of wind power to investors and handed over approx. 500 MW to customers.

• OX2’s initiatives on existing markets have been reinforced. In 2020, the company initiated proprietary wind and solar power projects with a total volume of 2,000 MW in Sweden, Finland, Poland and France.

• The company also acquired more projects under development than ever before. These projects are at different stages of maturity, and together they increased the project portfolio volume by 1,500 MW.

• Altor acquired 30 percent of shares in OX2 and is supporting the company’s continued growth together with majority owner Peas Industries

OX2 2020

“In 2020, OX2 reached a number of important milestones linked to our aim of leading the ongoing energy transition. We established a fully operational business unit in Poland, with a number of large-scale renewable energy projects at all stages from development to construction, while also maintaining strong and profitable growth on our Nordic markets. Our development portfolio for offshore wind power has been reinforced further over the previous year.”

- Paul Stormoen, CEO OX2