We Build Meaningful and Sustainable Companies

We founded Peas Industries out of a belief that commercial companies can be a major contributor in creating a stronger planet. The social, economic and environmental challenges of today are leading to fundamental changes of society as we know it. This will affect most incumbent business models substantially. By understanding the underlying forces, combined with commercial thinking and entrepreneurial skills, Peas Industries aims to take a key role in this transformation.


For us, this involves building meaningful, profitable companies that integrate people’s needs with the integrity of the planet. We are seeking the challenges that have the most positive impact on society and therefore have the potential to create long-term commercial success.

Peas Industries owns and runs companies that are active within some of the most disruptive industries from a positive impact perspective: large-scale renewable energy, circular waste management, sustainable food production and decentralised energy solutions.


Active and long-term ownership is not only necessary as our companies are taking on some of the greatest challenges in the society, but it also has a positive impact on the corporate culture within the companies. Board work forms the basis for active and value-adding owner involvement at Peas Industries.

Besides this, Peas Industries has established a number of group-wide steering documents such as a code of conduct, corporate directives and a whistleblower portal which defines the framework for our corporate governance and emphasises the principles of business ethics that Peas Industries reinforces in relation to our companies, employees and partners.


Since the company started in 2004, Peas Industries has founded a number of companies in the renewable energy sector and played an active part in long-term value creation at these companies. In June 2020, Peas Industries embarked upon a partnership with Altor Fond V, which acquired a 30 percent share of OX2 AB. The joined purpose is to support OX2’s continued growth and driving the transition to renewable energy in Europe. Peas Industries remains the majority owner and continues to be active in the development of OX2.

We are embarking upon an exciting next phase in our strategy, as we are paving the way for investments in new companies of various sizes and levels of maturity: from relatively new, fast-growing companies to larger companies with tried and tested business models that are established in the market. In December 2020, Peas Industries acquired smaller shareholdings in two foodtech companies. This is in line with our ambition to invest in companies that are developing commercial solutions for sustainable food production.

We want to invest in businesses that are contributing to positive change and striving to stay well ahead of the curve when it comes to development of a sustainable and economically attractive future.


Peas’ sustainability work is based on three dimensions. Planet – How our business influences our natural environment both directly and indirectly, and how we are constantly striving to have as positive an impact as possible. People – How we influence people within our companies, but also all the people we come into contact with on account of what we do. Profit – How we operate on the market and ensure that we leave positive fingerprints on everything we do for our customers and other stakeholders. We measure our results in all of these three dimensions.