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Circular management of organic waste

At Peas Industries, we want to look after what already exists and make the most of the waste that society generates. The Peas Industries company Biond recycles organic waste and turns it into new products with great benefits for the society.


Biond supplies municipalities and companies with the development, operation and commercial management of plants for circular waste management. The company is running two biocircular facilities at present; one near Helsingborg and one in Sävsjö. Biond also owns a district heating plant in Helsingborg which produces around 3.5 GWh of green district heating each year. Biogas from a nearby landfill site is used to produce district heating which is then sold on to households in the region.

 The company’s facilities in Helsingborg and Sävsjö receive around 220,000 tonnes of organic waste every year; sorted organic household waste, industrial waste from catering services and food producers, and waste from slaughterhouses and farms. What was previously a waste facility can now be regarded as a modern biocircular industry where Biond takes responsibility for the entire chain, from processing of waste to refinement and production of new products for transport, industry, farming and consumers. And all while emissions are being reduced, nutrients are being returned to the cycle and fossil fuels are being removed from the systems.


A customer visit to the pre-treatment plant in Helsingborg. Photo: Biond

• Biond has installed a new high-pressure compressor at its plant in Sävsjö so that it can supply larger volumes of biogas to the region

• In 2020, the plant in Helsingborg has invested in new technology to reduce the proportion of visible contaminants in biofertiliser

• Biond has entered into a strategically important agreement with FordonsGas Sverige concerning the supply of 16 GWh of locally produced biogas to be used as a fuel for buses in the county of Jönköping

• In 2020, the company has recruited Mikael Tegnér as the site manager for the plants in Helsingborg and Sävsjö


Biond 2020

"In 2020, Biond has focused on both plant safety and operational safety as in-depth environmental work. We have also reinforced our cooperation with the agricultural sector and local stakeholders in Helsingborg throughout the year. The organisation has taken on a great deal of responsibility and dealt most effectively with the COVID-19 situation and the restrictions placed on the organisation as a result of this."
- Peter Forhaug, CEO Biond