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Circular plant nutrients for sustainable crops


The food industry is undergoing something of a revolution. What we eat and how our food is produced are absolutely crucial to sustainable development and growth. Peas Industries is investing in companies that use technology, innovation and business development to establish transformative food production solutions on the market.


Bonbio realised early on that there was an opportunity to breathe new life into the nutrients in our food waste. The company has developed a concept where food waste and other organic waste is treated and processed to form liquid plant nutrients.

Bonbio plant nutrients are made from biofertiliser from one of Sweden’s largest biogas plants near Helsingborg, which is operated by Bonbio’s sister company Biond. The company has integrated the product in a circular cycle where the nutrients from degradable food waste are returned to the food chain by using them to grow new crops and leafy greens.

Bonbio’s plant nutrients are free from added pesticides and are used with good results in high-tech indoor facilities growing crops using hydroponic and vertical shelf systems. These plant nutrients can also be used for domestic cultivation and large-scale production of plants and greens.

Indoor cultivation using vertical shelf systems Photo: Olle Nordell

• Over the year, Bonbio has gone on improving production, systems and processes as part of its day-to-day operations.

• The plant nutrient experts have succeeded in developing the biofertiliser refinement process in conjunction with Bonbio’s sister company Biond for the production of circular plant nutrition. In 2020, the company has optimised and tested its plant nutrition as part of the various projects involving Bonbio, and they have proven to be every bit as effective and active as the nutrient solution produced in the traditional way.

• As of 2021, production of Bonbio’s circular plant nutrients from food waste will be developed fully within the scope of the operations of sister company Biond in Helsingborg.

Bonbio 2020

"Despite its impact, the pandemic has reminded us of many important issues such as sustainability, circularity and local production that essentially give Bonbio its raison d'être. In 2020, we focused on refining our circular plant nutrients and streamlining the production process at our plant in Helsingborg. We are looking forward to introducing the product to a broader customer segment in 2021."
- Emelie Norhagen, Business developer Bonbio