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Sustainable and efficient energy systems for properties

More and more property owners want to change the way in which they produce, store and use energy by making investments in renewable energy production and efficient energy systems, among other things. The Peas Industries company Enstar has cutting-edge expertise in these areas and targets property companies, industries and large housing associations.


Enstar offers property owners cost-effective and sustainable system solutions for heating, cooling and electricity, with emphasis on renewable energy. The company has an integrated approach ranging from advice and analysis on energy efficiency to design and the implementation of solutions for heat pump technology, geothermal energy, solar energy and systems operation. Enstar optimises properties’ use of power and energy using modern technology and digital solutions, which includes replacing district heating substations, installing exhaust air recovery systems and converting from district heating to ground source heating or from direct electricity to waterborne heating. Property owners are offered flexible solutions where geothermal energy systems and solar cell systems are integrated and adapted to suit the size and energy requirements of the property.

Investment in sustainable energy systems gives property owners major benefits in the form of improved indoor climate, economy and environment. Optimising and controlling property power consumption, heating, temperature and ventilation minimises energy losses while also improving energy performance and increasing the potential for energy and cost savings. Reduced energy consumption in combination with local electricity production from solar cells results in significant environmental improvements; reduced emissions and reduced levels of climate-impacting gases and air pollution.

Enstar is helping Hedvig Eleonora Church in Stockholm with energy services. Photo: Monica Welander

• In August 2020, Enstar concluded an agreement with HEBA Fastighets AB for a hybrid system for one of their properties, comprising solar cells, geothermal energy system and exhaust gas recycling. The overall energy saving will amount to around 75%

• A contract was concluded with Rikshem in September 2020 with regard to a hybrid system for one of their properties in Västerås. The new system is based on geothermal energy storage and exhaust air recovery, the total energy savings will amount to 1,630 MWh a year, corresponding to around 80%

• Another contract was concluded with Rikshem concerning a property in Björknäs. This deliverable includes a geothermal energy system, along with replacement of ventilation devices at the property. The total energy savings will amount to 2,200 MWh a year, corresponding to around 75%.

• In December 2020, Enstar signed an agreement with Afa Fastigheter to supply the Norstedts building in Stockholm with renewable energy for heating and cooling. The system will deliver a total heating power of about 400 kW and total cooling power of about 500 kW. The total energy savings will amount to around 670 MWh a year, corresponding to 70%.

Enstar 2020

“In 2020, Enstar has invested in structural capital and built a new platform for continued growth. Despite the unique year of the pandemic, Enstar has seen an increase of the average numer of employees of almost 30 percent and strong growth in terms of both net sales and profits. Enstar is embarking upon 2021 in a considerably stronger position on the market, and with good prospects for the future”
- John von Wowern, CEO Enstar