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Solar cells, electric car charging and battery storage for consumers

Peas Industries is supporting the transition from conventional centralised power production to decentralised renewable energy solutions. Our company Utellus enables the generation of energy closer to users, or even by users themselves.


Utellus wants to make it easier for consumers to produce their own electricity, thereby participating in the expansion of the renewable electricity system. The company is focusing on customer-oriented relations by offering outstanding service quality: this is made possible by secure customer deliveries and employees with cutting-edge skills.

Utellus has been helping homeowners and housing associations to install custom solar cell kits for a number of years now. The company has a transparent offering where the solar advisor is present from planning to installation, and also during production. Utellus also offers batteries for home storage of solar electricity. Batteries allow solar electricity producers to save the surplus energy produced by their solar cells and use it at night instead, for example, when the panels are not generating electricity.

Electric cars owners can also get their own charging boxes from Utellus. This helps to charge the car safely and efficiently. Utellus also has permission from the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation to give its electricity the “Bra Miljöval” label. This means that all electricity sold by Utellus comes from facilities approved by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation where environmental requirements relating to renewable electricity production take into account the environment, climate, plants, animals and humans.


Utellus offers solutions for charging electric cars. Photo: Maskot

• In 2020, Utellus has secured new partnership agreements with a number of suppliers in order to meet demand for the delivery and installation of solar cells, charging stations and power storage.

• The company extended its customer offering with glass-glass solar panels, a technology that stands out thanks to long warranty periods and low power losses.

• Utellus’ largest solar cell installation to date, totalling 213 kW, was completed for the Tulehöjden and Lötsjöhöjden housing association in Sundbyberg, near Stockholm.

• With the support of Utellus’ industry expertise and experience, the Board of Directors at Solivind El Ekonomisk Förening chose Telge Energi as a new management partner for its wind energy association. Utellus has been managing the association for more than a decade and helped to bring about community-owned energy production.

• The organisation has focused on integration of data sources and invested in new system solutions and automation with the target to create a data-driven organisation to an increasing extent.

Utellus 2020

“2020 was a complex year marked by the pandemic and a government decision to replace the former investment funding for solar cells with a tax deduction for expenses incurred by home renovation, rebuilding or expansion. Despite this, Utellus is continuing to see increased awareness and interest in solar cells and other energy solutions among our customers. In 2020, Utellus has focused on working actively with data, adopting more of a holistic approach to the solar cell business and creating positive new partnerships.”
- Kia Agerhem, CEO Utellus